BALANCE stands for: 
Balance And Learning About Nutrition, Change & Exercise. 

We are a Lifestyle Management Group aimed at supporting renal patients, transplant patients and kidney donors.

We aim to empower you to make positive changes to your diet and lifestyle, with the view to achieving a healthy weight and improved physical ability and fitness.

  • We support patients and donors leading up to transplant surgery and after your operation
  • To be eligible for a kidney transplant or a kidney and pancreas transplant, your Consultant may ask for certain criteria.
    For example:
    • weight loss to achieve a target Body Mass Index (BMI)
    • improved fitness or physical ability
  • You may have received a transplant, but have since struggled to maintain a healthy weight, diet, lifestyle or level of fitness. This is important to maintain the health and lifespan of your new organ. 
  • You may be considering donating a kidney to someone, but want to ensure you are in the best health to do so.
  • You may be considering dialysis in the future and want to ensure you are the best health to widen your treatment options.

We can support you towards achieving your goals.

  • Jane Dursley is our Renal dietitian with many years experience working with people with renal disease. Jane provides education and support with your diet and nutrition in relation to any health problems you may have.
  • Louise Kennedy is our Renal Physiotherapist who helped set up BALANCE. She has many years experience working with renal and transplant patients. Louise will help you become more physically active, taking into consideration your physical health, medical history and current level of ability.
  • Liz Davies is our BALANCE Assistant who helps the BALANCE programme run smoothly. She is mostly behind the scenes, and deals with programme referrals, invites, bookings and answering queries. She occasionally helps to facilitate our virtual sessions and also provides support during our face to face groups.
  • Rhian Kennedy-Warburton is our rotational Physiotherapist assigned to BALANCE. She has experience in renal amongst a variety of other disciplines. Rhian will get to know you on a more 1-2-1 basis to find out what you enjoy and provide you with some ideas of how to become more active.
  • Misbah Gladwyn-Khan is our renal Psychologist. Misbah will help you consider how your thinking, emotions and coping may be influencing your habits. Misbah will also talk to you about how it is possible to respond to situations differently to develop a healthier lifestyle.
  • 1 hour a week
  • 9 week course
  • Online group: Virtually on zoom, providing a peer support group. Educational videos straight to your email.
  • Or face to face group: run in community settings such as leisure centres. Lively discussion session on weekly topics. Circuit style exercise class tailored to your ability.
  • BALANCE information book
  • Healthy eating advice booklet
  • Weekly videos
  • Different topics each week
  • Peer support and interactive discussion
  • Direct contact with specialist clinicians in Renal and Transplantation

Any professional from your renal or transplant team can refer you. 

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