Supporting my Child's Communication

Whether your child is a late talker, has unclear speech, stammers, or has another issue with their speech and language, our Children’s Speech and Language Therapy Service is able to support you. 

Children who are late talkers

children who are late talkers resource has been created which features tips for supporting the development of your child’s language skills. 

Children who stammer

Our stammering advice for parents guide gives a range of guidance on how to support your child with their stammer. 

Children with unclear speech

There are a range of techniques that you can use to help develop your child’s speech. View our resources on ‘syllable clapping’, which helps children to understand the structures of words, and ‘sound bombardment’, which helps to develop children’s early awareness of sounds in words. View the following videos to find out more.

If you have any concerns about your child’s speech or language skills, you are welcome to contact the Children’s Speech and Language Therapy service for advice on 029 2183 6585.

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