Returning to School

Welsh Government has offered you as a parent/carer the opportunity for your child to return to school before the summer holidays start.  This will help plan and prepare for returning for the new school year in September 2020.

School and local authority staff are now preparing and planning to reopen schools to all children and young people as safely as possible.

Some parents are worried about sending their children back to school, some children are also worried about returning.  Others are really looking forward to returning. If your child has autism or needs additional help in school, returning and preparing to return could present some challenges but possibly some opportunities.

Before all the schools reopen, this is a time for you to think about and plan for your child to return to school safely. If your child is old enough, involve your child as much as you can in this planning.

There are lots of resources and videos already available that can help you to think about and plan this, please see below:

  • Your child’s school and the local authority can also help you plan. The school may have already contacted you to talk about this.
  • There are voluntary organisations who can also help you. Family and friends may also be a good source of help and support.
  • If your child has particular health needs you may want to talk with a health professional you know well about returning to school e.g. GP, Health Visitor, Paediatrician.
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