Children’s Therapy Services during
COVID-19 pandemic

Children’s therapy services have continued to accept new referrals and to provide services to children and their families throughout the pandemic using telephone and video consultations. We are also able to provide face to face appointments where we cannot carry out assessment or treatment effectively via a virtual consultation.

If you need general advice for keeping your child healthy and active during the COVID pandemic please click on the links on this page.

We are now using telephone consultations and virtual consultations for:

  • initial appointments and some assessments
  • finding out information from you
  • providing advice
  • reviewing how your child is progressing
  • delivering some online treatment sessions
  • holding meetings to discuss your child’s progress and plan next steps

Virtual consultations can take place at home or in school.

You can join a virtual consultation that takes place in school or we can invite your child’s teacher to join a virtual consultation which takes place in your home.

In some circumstances we might need to see your child for a face to face appointment. We will only do this if we cannot carry out the assessment or treatment effectively via telephone or virtual consultation.

When this happens we will:

  • make sure that we have done everything we can by telephone and video consultation first so that the face to face appointment can be kept as short as possible
  • phone you before the visit to check that you and your child are well and not in quarantine
  • wash and sanitise their hands before and after your appointment
  • clean all equipment and furniture before and after your appointment
  • wear PPE
  • we will ask you to wear a face covering
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