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Footwear and Shoe Fitting

Children should not wear shoes at all until they can walk, so avoid pram shoes. For babies, avoid tightly wrapped blankets that prevent kicking and leg movement and avoid using baby-grows (unless you cut the foot out).

Walking bare foot, where it is safe, is good for feet. Children’s feet are vulnerable to deformity from any ill-fitting footwear/hosiery until the bones are completely formed at about 18 years of age. Fitted socks made from natural materials are much better for feet than stretch-fit socks.

When buying shoes, go to a reputable shop where feet are measured and shoes fitted correctly. Good shoe shops will always measure feet periodically to check fit, so do not be afraid to ask. 

Good shoes are an investment so try to ensure that the shoes that you buy for your child are suitable. The shape of the shoe and especially the toe area should be wide and round allowing for toes to move and spread.

It is also important for the shoe to have a lace or a buckle. Without this, the child’s toes will claw to hold the shoe on. The heel of the shoe should not be too high, as high heels can also result in foot deformity.

View in-depth advice from the College of Podiatry contain regarding children’s footwear and general footcare health.

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