COVID-19 and Taste/Smell Loss

Loss or a changed sense of taste and or smell is a common reported symptom of COVID-19. It is also a common symptom of flu, cold and allergies.

Our sense of taste and smell are two very different senses but are very closely linked.

 The nose enables you to pick up smells in the air and it’s connected to taste because without the smell, flavour is missing.

It can make tasting and enjoying food difficult and can be an issue as we often use theses senses as early warning signs of danger e.g. gas leaks at home, food that is decayed or tainted by substances that maybe harmful if swallowed.

 Your sense of smell and taste should return to normal after a few weeks or months.

However, some research has suggested that our sense of smell can be improved and return quicker with training. The following websites have detailed information on how to make a “smell training toolkit” and how to go about it.

Choosing smells that you are familiar with and have memories of is a good idea to start with.

It is also a good idea to use your other senses to help prompt your memories of smells and flavour,  for example – when you eat orange, use your senses of touch and sight to help you to recall memories.

If you have ongoing concerns please contact your GP where you maybe refereed to specialist clinical services.

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