Swallowing and Voice Problems after Covid-19

Swallowing Problems after Covid-19

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In order to swallow food and drink, many muscle and physiological processes need to take place successfully. If they do not, this can lead to an impaired swallow that can result in difficulty swallowing and coughing or choking.

Swallowing can be affected by many factors, and Speech and Language Therapists assess the problem and may offer methods to help make eating and drinking easier or safer.
Advice for people experiencing swallowing difficulties (Dysphagia).

Voice Problems after Covid-19

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Voice problems may lead to changes to the quality of the voice, making it sound ‘strained’ or ‘hoarse’, or having a change in pitch. Sometimes people find their volume is reduced or their voice becomes ‘breathy’ or even disappear. Advice for people experiencing voice problems after COVID-19 for further advice.

If you are feeling anxious, overwhelmed, or struggling to cope please contact your GP who may refer you to the relevant healthcare professional.

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