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Introducing your Baby to Solid Foods

Introducing your baby to solid foods, sometimes called complementary feeding or weaning is a fun and exciting time. It is an important stage of development where foods are introduced alongside your baby’s usual breast milk or first infant formula.

Our series of videos provide information to help guide you on your journey to introducing solid foods.

Important information

Most babies are ready to be introduced to solid foods at around 6 months of age. Before around 6 months, babies get all the nutrition they need from breast milk or infant formula.

Did you know it can take 10 or more attempts for a baby to accept a new food? Offer your baby the chance to explore a wonderful variety of tastes and textures.

Healthy family foods that are mashed, pureed or served as soft finger foods can be given from the beginning – just remember not to add salt or sugar to baby’s portion.

Foods that can trigger an allergic reaction include cow’s milk, eggs, wheat, soya, nuts and fish. When you start introducing solid foods at around 6 months, introduce these foods one at a time and in small amounts, so you can spot any reaction.

As your baby becomes more confident with eating you can think about moving on from one meal a day, to food at two and three meals a day.

Gradually move on to less mashed and lumpier textures before 9 months, as this will help your baby transition to eating a wide range of family foods and meals.

What does Cardiff and Vale offer?

If you have any questions about introducing your baby to solid foods please speak with your health visitor. Please see the leaflet below for additional information:

For further advice telephone: 029 2066 8089

Keeping Me Well - Cardiff and Vale University Hospital

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