Occupational Therapy John Pathy Day Hospital

John Pathy Day Hospital is a rehabilitation day hospital for patients with a wide range of conditions. The focus is elderly care rehabilitation, recovery and prevention of hospital admission.

The Day Hospital is run by a multidisciplinary team which include Doctors, Nursing staff, Occupational Therapists and Physiotherapists. Patients may have experienced falls and may also have long-term conditions. Our focus is on condition management from diagnosis through progression of illness with regular review when needed.

The Occupational therapists work with individuals to address any issues which are impacting on their lifestyle. These include reducing fall risks, addressing anxiety, developing memory strategies, sleep hygiene and fatigue management.

Occupational Therapy intervention is provided in one-to-one or group educational sessions. The sessions look at falls prevention, upper limb therapy sessions, and anxiety management. Home visits can be under taken to address any domestic modifications required.

Address: St David’s Hospital, Cowbridge Rd East, Cardiff CF11 9XB

Referrals are from a wide variety of sources – GPs, A & E, ECAS, inpatient ward staff, Community Rehab Teams, podiatry and Parkinson’s clinic.

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