Antenatal Exercise Class

The antenatal exercise class has been designed by Physiotherapists to help women deal with pain and discomfort during their pregnancy. The class is very closely based on Pilates exercises that are modified and appropriate for both pregnancy and pain. The class is fairly slow-paced, with plenty of education and advice to help you complete the exercises correctly.

The exercises focus on strengthening the “Core Muscles” such as the pelvic floor, abdominals and buttocks. Stretching tight muscles, such as the hamstrings at the back of the thigh and the lower back muscles which are so often tight and sore, is also an important part of the class.

The Physiotherapist will take you through the process of appropriate breathing so that each exercise you complete uses the muscles to the best of their ability. You should find the class challenging but also relaxing and fun. It is a great way to meet other new mums who are struggling with similar symptoms to yourself. You can also continue to attend these classes after the birth of your baby, for up to four months.

Please Note: This is not a drop-in class.

Once you have been referred by your midwife or GP, you will be invited to attend our Triage Clinic. You must contact the number on the letter to arrange your appointment.

At the Triage Clinic the Physiotherapist will assess you and book you for the class that is most appropriate.

At your first session you will be given an Antenatal Exercise Class information sheet and an Exercise sheet to help you carry out the exercises from the class on a daily basis.  You will be given four classes, and it is vital that you inform your Physiotherapist if you are unable to attend any, in line with the Physiotherapy Department’s attendance policy.

Classes are held in the Physiotherapy Department at the University Hospital of Wales every Wednesday morning.  (Class times and locations can vary so please check with your Physiotherapist before attending.)

Please wear loose, comfortable clothing to allow you to exercise both in standing positions and lying on mats. 

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