Strength and Balance exercises

This exercise programme can help improve your balance, strength, general fitness and well being.

To be effective, the exercises recommended by your therapist should be completed DAILY, or a minimum of 3 times a week.

Remember to pace yourself. The exercises do not have to be completed all at once.

 It is normal to experience some joint stiffness and aching muscles, this will reduce as you become more used to exercising.

DO NOT RUSH THE EXERCISES, take your time and rest as needed.

SAFETY: Never exercise holding on to an object which may move; such as a chair or zimmer frame. Always use something stable like a kitchen worktop.

If you experience an increase in pain, dizziness, chest pain or severe shortness of breath when exercising, STOP the exercise immediately and contact your Doctor.

Please watch this introductory video before attempting any of these exercises 


Here is a PDF copy of the exercises you can print out if you would like. 

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