3rd & 4th Degree Tear

If you have had a 3rd or 4th degree tear during the delivery of your baby, you will be seen within the Physiotherapy department at approximately 4 – 7 weeks following your delivery. 

A letter will be sent to your home address inviting you initially into a group session which will provide lots of information and advice and provide an opportunity to ask any questions you may have regarding post natal recovery. You should also have received a leaflet whilst you were in hospital.

Following the group session, you will be invited to arrange an individual appointment with a Physiotherapist in order to be examined and also talk through any concerns you may have regarding recovery.  If you are having any symptoms, you will be kept on Physiotherapy treatment in order to address them.

You are welcome to bring your baby to any of your appointments however, you may be able to take in more of the information given if you are able to come alone.

Starting your pelvic floor exercises early is an important part of your recovery and these exercises should not hurt if you are doing them correctly in a reclined position.

If you have any concerns regarding healing or infection prior to your first appointment, please see the acute perineal wound issues pages and contact the Women’s Health Physiotherapy Department on 02920 745884.

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