Recovery after hip fracture

After hip surgery to treat your hip fracture, the main muscle groups that support your hip joint will be noticeably weaker than usual. This can have a huge impact on your daily life in terms of your walking style, your ability to get in and out of bed and your ability to comfortably move around.

Our aim as physiotherapists is to encourage and help you to strengthen these major muscles, providing better support for your hip joint, allowing you to put more weight through the affected leg and ultimately improving the way in which you are able to walk and move about. To do this, you will need to carry out regular and specific exercises which your physiotherapist will have begun with you during your hospital stay. It is hugely important that you continue with these exercises when you are discharged from hospital to ensure you get the optimum recovery and best long-term outcome you can.

We hope the following videos will help you to perform these exercises daily. Simply click on the links below and follow along with the exercise programme as shown. We recommend that you aim to complete the exercise video 2 to 3 times a day. If you reach the stage in your recovery that you are completing the exercise programme with ease, you can repeat the video or start to return to your normal activities or exercises. 

Hip exercise video :

Advanced hip exercise video:

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