What is Physiotherapy for Neurology?

How do I know whether I have a Neurological problem?

A neurological condition will have been diagnosed by a Neurological or Medical Specialist doctor.

I know I have a Neurological condition. How can Physiotherapy help me?

Neurological Physiotherapy is a specialist area of Physiotherapy. A Neurological Physiotherapist can help you address movement dysfunction that has resulted from injury or disease to the Brain, Spinal cord or nerves.

Together you will build a personalised programme of rehabilitation and/or support you to address the impact your symptoms have upon your daily living and wellbeing.

I have recently been diagnosed with a neurological condition and am managing well. Do I need to see you?

Continuous Physiotherapy is not necessary just because you have a Neurological condition. We aim to support you to manage your condition yourself and access our advice WHEN you have a question.

We can advise you how to adjust your lifestyle to minimise the impact of your condition and continue to live well. We can signpost you to suitable resources and local activities to assist this. You will be able to self-refer in the future should you need to.

I have had a diagnosis for some time but am now having some difficulties with movement and functional tasks. Can you help me?

If you are experiencing difficulties with movement or functional tasks we might suggest a course of 1:1 or group sessions with one of our services. We will agree what the purpose of this will be and will measure progress in a way that is meaningful to you. You will be expected to engage with a physical programme of activity between sessions.

We believe that you are the expert in knowing and managing what matters to you and therefore we aim to teach you how you can drive and monitor your own progress long after your need for our direct attention has passed.  We will remain accessible for your future needs through our Self-referral system.

Self Referral to Physiotherapy (MSK)

If you have completed 4-6 weeks of these exercises and your symptoms have not improved.
Please refer to our Self Referral page.

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