Orthopaedics is a speciality dealing with bones, joints and the associated soft tissues including: ligaments, nerves and muscles. Orthopaedic surgery can be carried out for: arthritic changes, traumatic injuries as well as congenital and acquired disorders to bones and joints. 

The main procedures undertaken by orthopaedic surgeons are:

  • Joint arthroscopy – A minimally invasive technique to diagnose and repair
    damaged joint tissue.
  • Arthroplasty – The replacement of whole or parts of a joint, usually due to arthritis.
  • Corrective surgery- Procedures aimed at correcting alignment that may be causing pain or affecting function. 

This section of the website will give you more information about how to stay well and healthy in order to manage your orthopaedic condition while you wait for treatment. It also includes advice on preparing for having a total knee replacement or total hip replacement and how to make the best of your recovery.

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