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The Artificial Limb and Appliance Service

The Artificial Limb and Appliance Service (ALAS) provides support, equipment and rehabilitation to people with permanent or long-term impairment. Our aim is to maximise ability and minimise disability.  One of our three Artificial Limb and Appliance Centres (ALAC) is situated in Cardiff and Vale University Health Board’s Rookwood Hospital in Llandaff.

All patients who are referred to the Artificial Limb and Appliance Service are assessed by the Clinical Nurse Specialist. This may happen while you are still in hospital or when you have returned home.  The Clinical Nurse Specialist will then complete an assessment and decide whether you are suitable to be referred to the ALAS Physiotherapy Team.

The Physiotherapist will discuss the following with you:

  • Details of your amputation
  • Past Medical History
  • Medication
  • Home Circumstances
  • Goals
(It is useful to bring any information about your past medical history and medication with you.)

The Physiotherapist will also look at:

  • The condition of your residual limb (amputated limb)
  • The condition of your contralateral limb (remaining limb)
  • Ability to transfer from a wheelchair to a bed
  • Ability to sit on the edge of a bed
  • Range of movement in all of your limbs
  • Strength in your upper and lower limbs
  • Ability to stand
  • If appropriate, ability to walk (using a PPAM Aid or a Femurett- see below)

If the Clinical Nurse Specialist and the Physiotherapist are happy, then you will be measured and provided with a special stocking called a JUZO ( which you must wear over your amputated leg). You are then ready to be referred to the Prosthetic Team who will assess, measure and make you an artificial limb.

Once you and the Physiotherapist are happy that you can use the artificial limb safely and effectively, then you will take it home. You may need to continue attending the limb centre to continue your rehabilitation depending on how quickly you progress.
Once you have been discharged from Physiotherapy you will receive long-term follow-up as appropriate with the Prosthetic Team.

Click the button below for information on what rehabilitation at the Artificial Limb and Appliance Centre (ALAC) will involve.

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