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What is Type 2 Diabetes?

Type 2 diabetes is when your pancreas does not produce enough insulin or the insulin you produce cannot work properly. This causes blood glucose levels to increase to a level that can lead to long term health problems.

Self-management is an essential part of Type 2 diabetes care. The following information is to help you learn about and become more involved in the management of your diabetes. Through lifestyle changes the onset of type 2 diabetes can be delayed and even prevented.

Whether you have been newly diagnosed with type 2 diabetes  or were diagnosed a few years ago, below are four Diabetes Awareness videos you may find helpful to learn how to self-manage your condition.

Video 1: What is pre-diabetes or type 2 diabetes?

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Video 2: An introduction to carbohydrates

Video 3: Applying the Eatwell Guide to Diabetes

Video 4: Self-care, Monitoring and management

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Once you have watched the films above, if you would like further support to help you manage your diabetes the following options are available in Cardiff & Vale, delivered by Dietitians, to help you become more involved in the management of your diabetes:

  • 2 hour face to face Diabetes awareness session
    This will provide group support and recap the key information regarding managing your diabetes which is covered in the films above. It includes an overview of ‘What is
    diabetes?’, the role of carbohydrates and blood glucose control, along with the principles of a healthy diet and weight management.

  • Virtual X-PERT
    This is a 6 week group diabetes education programme where all participants have Type 2 diabetes. The sessions are currently being delivered virtually. In the sessions you will learn about the up-to-date treatments and management of diabetes in much detail, and will have the opportunity to explore and address any problems or issues that you may have with your diabetes.

We work with people in a wide range of areas and topics from healthy eating and recipes to supporting people to lose weight, eating for recovery from illness including – COVID 19 and Cancer – and help inform and educate about Diabetes and other long term conditions.
Please see the Related Information tab on the right hand side of our pages or visit the supporting my rehab page for a range of medical conditions covered.

Living with Type 2 Diabetes - 6 week course

EPP Cymru

This is a 6-week course consisting of one 2.5-hour session each week. It helps adults living with type 2 diabetes to maintain and improve their quality of life through self-management.  

Topics include balancing your blood glucose, preventing complications, healthy eating, physical activity, foot care, medication usage, managing sick days, dealing with stress, low mood and difficult emotions, developing and maintaining your own self-management care plan, problem solving and decision making.

Sign up here to find out when courses are taking place.

Digital Diabetes Self-Management Support

This can be used as a standalone programme if you are unable to attend virtual or face to face groups, or can aid self-management before, during and after attendance at group-based education sessions such as X-PERT or Diabetes Awareness session.

Anyone with type 2 diabetes can sign up by visiting and completing the access request form. 

For more information about what’s MyDESMOND and how to register click here.




Additional resources available at:

Available here. Each film has been created by NHS Healthcare Professionals and people living with long-term conditions to help you to understand and manage your health. 

Available here.

How do I attend one of the face to face or virtual diabetes programmes? 

To attend any of the face to face or virtual programmes delivered by the Cardiff & Vale dietitians download and complete this self-referral form.

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