Weight management

Managing your weight

Do you struggle to lose weight or find it hard to make healthy habits stick?  

Do you want support to make healthy changes with food and activity?  

If the answer is yes to these questions, then you have come to the right place. Our team have brought together some helpful videos, resources and links, so that you can read about the options available to you and decide what suits you best. 

The following videos are a great starting point and will guide you to think about your reasons for wanting to make healthy changes, and helpful ways to approach this. 

This 4-minute video will give you a chance to think about what losing weight will mean to you. Have you ever written down all your reasons for wanting to lose weight? This is a positive first step.

This 3-minute video focuses on realistic weight loss. People can often feel disheartened and give up on healthy changes if they do not see the weight loss that they expect. Making healthy changes will give you many benefits. Keeping weight stable at times is a positive. Maintain focus on the new healthy habits that you are forming.

This 4-minute video will talk you through setting goals in a helpful way. If the change you decide to make is difficult to achieve or keep up, it can reduce your motivation to continue. Making small changes that can be sustained will build your confidence and motivation.

This 5-minute video explains metabolism and looks at how dieting can have a negative impact on trying to lose weight. People find that moving away from dieting is the answer to them losing weight and enjoying food more. The three changes to focus on are regular meals, keeping a check on portion sizes and having a balanced intake. It does not have to be complicated or restrictive.

This 4-minute video looks at the reasons why we eat other than when we need food or feel hungry. Many people find they eat when feeling stressed, tired, upset, bored or other reasons. The video looks at strategies that can help. One strategy when feeling tempted by a food is to stop for a couple of seconds and ask yourself three questions. The video will guide you through this approach.

Visit the NHS website for more information about how you can make changes to your diet and achieve a healthy weight, or access tips and advice from the Association of UK Dietitians.

If you live in Cardiff or the Vale of Glamorgan and would like further information, you can arrange to see a dietitian by completing and submitting this self-referral form.

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