Children’s Physiotherapy

Children are treated by paediatric physiotherapists for a wide variety of conditions.

We see children as a result of:

  • injuries
  • surgery
  • normal variations in development
  • childhood disability

We work with newborn babies to teenagers at the end of their full-time education, whose physical and gross motor skills development impact on their lives. 

In Cardiff and Vale University Health Board, we see children in different settings including:

  • Noah’s Ark Children’s Hospital for Wales
  • Children’s Centre’s
  • Special Schools
  • nurseries
  • schools
  • at home.
The Children’s Physiotherapy Therapy Service in Cardiff and the Vale works with children, their families, schools and other health professionals.  We are here to support families, and those within the child’s support network, when they need us.

Initial assessment

As a first step, we may conduct observation and a physical examination. This can include looking at the child’s strength and co-ordination, motor development, posture, balance, respiratory needs, function and abilities.

Individual advice would then be tailored for you and your child to follow.

Inpatient physiotherapy services

Find out more about the different children’s inpatient physiotherapy services by clicking on the buttons below:

Acute Paediatric Neurosciences

Physiotherapy for Brain Injuries and Illnesses

Oncology and Haematology

Blood-related Disorders

Trauma and Orthopaedics

Injuries and planned surgery

Inpatient physiotherapy is also provided as part of:

Acute Respiratory / Paediatric Critical Care

Neonatal services

Outpatient physiotherapy services

Find out more about the different outpatient children’s physiotherapy services by clicking on the buttons below:

Metabolic Bone disease

including Brittle Bone disease and Rickets

Musculoskeletal Outpatient service

Child development and childhood conditions


Arthritis and inflammatory conditions

Conditions we see include:

Find out more about the different conditions we treat, by clicking on the buttons below:

Joint and muscle injury or pain

Including Osgood schlatters,  Sinding Larsen Johannsen

Neuromuscular disorders

Including Muscular Dystrophy, Spinal Muscular Atrophy

Neurological disorders

Brain injury, spinal cord injury, stroke, meningitis and epilepsy


Leukeaemia, Sickle Cell

Respiratory disorders

including Cystic Fibrosis

Walking on Tip Toes

Idiopathic Toe Walking

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