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Mindfulness can be a very helpful tool to manage a variety of wellbeing issues including fatigue, sleep problems, breathlessness and pain. If you don’t have any experience of mindfulness, you may find it helpful to explore what it is all about by visiting the following websites:

  • The NHS website has some good basic information on mindfulness and links to other websites and guided meditation practices.
  • The free Velindre Mindfulness app has been created by Velindre Cancer Centre and is intended for all patients who may benefit from Mindfulness and Relaxation exercises to improve mental health and wellbeing before, during or after hospital treatment.
  • Palouse Mindfulness is a free online eight-week mindfulness-based stress reduction course where you can learn about mindfulness and how to practice. There are worksheets, guided meditations to practice and links to videos.
  • Breathworks provides training on mindfulness, with a focus on mindfulness for pain, illness and stress. The website has some good information about what mindfulness is and the scientific evidence base for its effectiveness.
  • Headspace is a widely used mindfulness app that can help you learn about and practice mindfulness. You can access a free trial 10 free 10 minute sessions when you download the app.
  • The Stop, Breathe and Think app has a lot of free content. The app asks you to check in how you are feeling physically, mentally, and emotionally, and will then suggest a range of recommended meditations for you to try. You can track your progress over time on a graph based on your check in history.
  • The Calm app will give you guidance on meditation and ways of relaxing. It also contains some ‘sleep stories’, and animations and sounds designed to help generate a calming atmosphere.
Keeping Me Well - Cardiff and Vale University Hospital

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