Children’s Podiatry (Podopaediatrics)

Paediatric podiatrists assess lower limb structure and function. This can include concerns relating to impairment, participation and wellbeing linked to foot, ankle, and lower limb health.

Guidance is provided on activity, footwear, exercises, and the need for orthotic/insole management; underpinned by education.

Podiatrists can play a large role in the improvement of function and quality of life in children’s gait (walking) and lower limb conditions.

The 26 bones are not fully formed until the age of 18-20 years old.
Some foot complaints can be part of normal childhood development. Assessment and advice from experienced Podiatrists can be helpful.
Normal adult walking patterns are seen after the age of 6. ​

What should I wear to the assessment?

You should ensure that your child wears a pair of shorts and a t-shirt to the assessment.  

Please bring your child’s usual footwear (school and leisure) with you.

Please bring any previous foot insoles that your child has been provided with. 

When attending the clinic​

A person with parental responsibility MUST attend clinic with any child.​

​It may be useful to bring a small favourite toy (not a games console) which can be wiped clean to help put your child at ease.  ​

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