Children’s Podiatry

Paediatric podiatrists assess lower limb structure and function. This can include concerns relating to impairment, participation and wellbeing linked to foot, ankle, and lower limb health.

Guidance is provided on activity, footwear, exercises, and the need for orthotic/insole management; underpinned by education.

Podiatrists can play a large role in the improvement of function and quality of life in children’s gait (walking) and lower limb conditions.

Different children walk in different ways. These often normal variations do not require any medical input, but it is important that any problems with walking are identified and corrected from a young age. The video gallery below will provide more information regarding the most common walking variations are flat feet, toe walking and in-toeing.

Coronavirus Patient Information

In response to the Coronavirus situation, we are posting some non-urgent appointments.

If your appointment is being postponed you will be contacted directly by the Podiatry Service either by letter, text mssage or telephone. If you do not hear from us please attend your appointment as planned. There is no need to call our patient management office.

If you have a foot related emergency please contact the Podiatry Patient Management Office on 020920 335135 or 02920 335134 for further advice.

For non-urgent advice or general guidance please visit our ‘Find out More’ section.

We apologies for the inconvenience or distress this may cause.

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