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Active Families, Active Lives (AFAL)

Active Families, Active Lives is for children and young people, aged 2-18 years old, in Cardiff and Vale who wish to receive support in managing their weight and health. The team works in an empowering and nurturing way to help families feel safe and secure.

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How do we support you?

Active Families, Active Lives (AFAL) works in a holistic way to understand you, your child and family’s needs. We work in a non-judgemental, empathetic and supportive manner.

First appointment

  • Every child, young person and family entering the AFAL service will have an initial assessment appointment.
  • Before this appointment we will ask you to complete an initial assessment form. Please complete as much as you can before the appointment and bring it with you.
  • We will use this appointment to get to know you and your family.
  • We will also take some measurements for a physical assessment. 

Next steps

After this appointment, taking into consideration the needs of the family, the team will meet to discuss your case and plan the best way forward for your child and family. Some people may need to see multiple team members, whilst others may require work with one or two healthcare professionals. We offer an array of interventions including face to face, telephone, groups and workshops.

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AFAL may offer you a nutrition education course led by trained members of the team, covering guidance on portion sizes and using the Eatwell guide for a balanced meal, healthy swaps and education on fat and sugar. Alongside guidance on physical activity, wellbeing, sleep and screen time.

Meet the team

Our Clinical Lead Paediatrician

Dr Sian

Our community paediatrician is the clinical lead for the Active Families, Active Lives service. She is highly qualified in understanding your child’s development, learning and emotional wellbeing and how this can influence health.

  • What is your favourite meal? Breakfast
  • What is your favourite activity? Yoga


Our Paediatrician

AFAL Paediatritian
Dr Fran

Our community paediatricians are highly qualified in understanding your child’s development, learning and emotional wellbeing and how this can influence health. Our paediatricians may first meet you via an ‘attend anywhere’ virtual video platform or via telephone. After this you will meet at St David’s Children Centre for a simple physical assessment to inform how your child and family may be supported.

  • What is your favourite meal?  Homemade gnocchi
  • What is your favourite activity? Yoga
AFAL Dietitian

Dietitians are experts in nutrition and how this effects health. Our dietitian will support and assist you and your family in making informed choices to develop a helpful relationship with food and health. Our dietitian will spend time getting to know you, your child and your family in order to gain a full picture in what you are all experiencing in your day-to-day life.

  • What is your favourite meal? Roast Lamb Dinner
  • What is your favourite activity? Going for a walk and looking after my chickens.
AFAL Occupational Therapist

Our occupational therapist is unique to the AFAL service. They will complete an initial assessment with you and your child to create a picture on how your child manages daily tasks.  This may include looking at your child’s motor co-ordination, sensory skills and their motivations and social factors. The assessment will involve discussions, some activities and having fun!

  • What is your favourite meal? Mezze and Tapas
  • What is your favourite activity? Going for walks on the beach and in nature

Laura - PhysiotherapistOur Physiotherapist is interested in finding out more about your child’s physical health and activity levels. They may ask questions about your child’s awareness of their body and how they feel about doing activities. All the information will provide us a clear picture of what specific activities and advice we can provide to your child to support them in becoming their healthiest and happiest selves.

  • What is your favourite meal?
    Roast dinner
  • What is your favourite activity? 
    Spending the day on the beach with my family.
AFAL Specialist School Nurse

The specialist nurse will be a part of your child’s initial assessment appointment.  Alongside being involved in delivering educational group sessions to guide you and your families’ understanding in how to develop healthier habits. The nurse will be able to act as the contact between you, your child’s school and other relevant support services when necessary.

  • What is your favourite meal? Curry, and a naan!
  • What is your favourite hobby? Walking on the beach.
AFAL Clinical Psychologist

Our Clinical psychologist works with the whole team to provide support and advice on wellbeing. Their role involves supporting children and families in group and 1:1 setting to develop skills in managing thoughts and feelings around food and eating, to support healthy minds and bodies.

  • What is your favourite meal? Anything with seafood
  • What is your favourite activity/hobby? Swimming in the sea

Our Healthcare support workers will be a friendly face throughout your time with the team. They will make sure you are comfortable during clinics and provide regular opportunities to check in with you and your family during your time in the service.



  • What is your favourite meal?  Homemade pasta with fresh tomato sauce
  • What is your favourite activity? Trying new classes, anything from gardening to pottery.





  • What is your favourite meal?  Spaghetti carbonara
  • What is your favourite hobby? Singing

What families have said about AFAL

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Contact Details


Access to the AFAL service is through referral. A healthcare professional can contact the team to request a referral form. 

Self-referral is also accepted and encouraged. Please use the contact details above to request the form.

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