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My child is having difficulties with their hearing

If you are concerned about your child’s hearing, please speak to your Health Visitor or GP to request a referral to the Audiology Department for a hearing test.

Dad and boy

Children can have difficulties with their hearing for a number of reasons. These difficulties can be temporary due to illness or glue ear or can be longer term, for example in sensorineural hearing difficulties where the nerves are affected (This type of deafness is permanent and is usually diagnosed following the Newborn Hearing Screen).

Children may also have difficulties with listening to or processing what is being said due to a number of reasons including tiredness, background noise, developing attention skills or language difficulties.

Attention and listening skills develop over time. It is normal for children (particularly younger children) not to realise they are being spoken to if they are concentrating on something or are distracted.  They are probably not ignoring you! 

What you might notice:

  • no response to sudden noises
  • no response to being spoken to
  • needing the television turned up louder
  • pulling or rubbing their ears
  • difficulties with balance
  • speech and/or language difficulties

Tips to make it easier for your child to hear you

Some tips for helping your child hear you more easily can be found in our leaflet: 

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