FAQs – Occupational Therapy for Children and Young People

Here are answers to questions frequently asked of the Occupational Therapy service for Children and Young People in Cardiff and Vale University Health Board.

The Occupational Therapy administration team can be contacted on 02921 836910

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Please call the Occupational Therapy administration team on 02921 836910 to access the Request for Assistance process. 

  • Your request will be triaged to see how our service can help. It could be that you are signposted to advice in the first instance or that your request and concern are passed to another service.
  • If we are the right service to help you, you will receive an ‘opt-in’ letter which will direct you to the resources and videos on this website to access prior to your initial phone assessment. It is important that you respond to this letter within 2 weeks.
  • You will then have an initial phone assessment with an Occupational Therapist where we will discuss with you your child’s occupational profile. This covers occupations which your child does throughout their day. So, areas such as self-care activities (washing, teeth brushing, toileting), dressing, handwriting, using cutlery. We look at your child’s strengths and interests and areas which you would like to develop. We don’t always need to see your child and it might be that advice is given following the phone call for you to implement at home.
  • We sometimes need to meet your child in-person. This could be a school visit, a home visit, a clinic-based assessment (either at Llandough or St David’s Children’s Centres) or a seating assessment at our equipment stores. Some assessments are one-off and sometimes we have follow up sessions.
  • At the end of the session/s you will be discharged from the service with any written information you need to keep working on the agreed occupational goals with your child. We will also make sure you know how to come back to us for further advice and support if you need to in the future.

You can make a Request for Assistance by calling our admin team on 02921 836910. They will ask you what your concerns are for your child and their occupational engagement and what you have tried already.

We encourage you to watch our videos to help you understand what we can help your child with. School staff and any healthcare professionals involved with your child can also make a Request for Assistance in the same way with your consent.

Please call the Occupational Therapy administration team on 02921 836910

Please phone the Joint Equipment Service on: 02920 873673 / 02920 712555

We have an advice line coming in 2023 where you can ring up for one-off conversation or you can make a Request for Assistance by calling our admin team on 02921 836910.

Learn more about the Occupational Therapy team in the Children’s Hospital for Wales here.

If you have a specific question give the team a call on 02921 842241.

Contact details

Occupational Therapy for Children and Young People
1st Floor, Woodland House
Maes Y Coed Road
CF14 4HH

Phone: 02921 836 910

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