Tinnitus is not a disease or illness, but is the name given to the sensation of noises in the head and/or ear. The noise may be ringing, hissing, buzzing, whooshing, or whistling in nature, or may be some other noise altogether, or sound like music. 

Tinnitus is most often caused by hearing loss, or more specifically, damage to the hearing organ or hearing pathway. If you would like your tinnitus to be investigated further, especially if it is just in one ear, or you think your tinnitus is getting on top of you, please ask a healthcare practitioner to refer you to the Audiology department for an appointment with a specially trained professional. 

If having with tinnitus is having an impact on your mental health, please view our mental health resources or talk to your healthcare practitioner. 

The following websites provides further information on tinnitus.

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