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Communication and People with Hearing Difficulties

If you or somebody that you are caring for have difficulty hearing, communication can be challenging. Currently, the use of face coverings due to the COVID-19 pandemic is making communicating in some situations more difficult. This is because we all watch faces and get information from facial expressions and lip movements, so it can be hard to engage with the person behind the mask. Measures are being taken to develop a transparent face mask that conforms to British standards for use in medical environments, but this is not yet available.

Many people with dementia will also be living with hearing loss. Often people suffering with hearing loss will experience dizziness, there is evidence to suggest that people with hearing loss are also more likely to develop dementia, although at present it is not known why this is. An undiagnosed hearing loss may also make dementia symptoms appear worse. Find out more about dementia and hearing loss

Read guidance on effective communication with someone who can’t hear well

Anyone that is struggling to hear will need to have their hearing assessed. Currently, this is usually only possible within a healthcare setting. If you have a sudden hearing loss/ ear pain/ discharge from your ears, please contact your GP as soon as possible. 

Hearing aids

Various assistive listening devices are available commerciallyIf you already have a hearing aid and it has stopped working, the Audiology department at the University Hospital of Wales is dealing with repairs by post.

Helpful guides on how to get the most from your hearing aids can be found at C2Hear Online.

Contact details

If your hearing aid needs to be repaired, or you need to contact the department,
please see the contact details below:

Audiology Department
Clinic 9 Outpatients
University Hospital of Wales
Heath Park
CF14 4XW

Telephone: 02921 843179 or email the team at

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