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Critical Care Occupational Therapy Service

Cardiff and Vale University Health Board’s Critical Care unit is the largest in Wales and admits patients from all major specialities including general medicine, surgical, major trauma, neuro-critical care and spinal injury.

The occupational therapist supports the recovery of complex critical care patients to help minimise the impact and long-term consequences of surviving a critical illness.

Some of the ways Occupational Therapy can help following critical illness are:

  • Supporting independence by rehabilitating the skills needed to perform daily activities such as washing and dressing and feeding
  • Help to overcome or adapt to any physical or cognitive changes resulting from the illness or injury
  • Preventing delirium and caring for those experiencing it
  • Using splints to enable the functional use of limbs and reduce muscle tone
  • Providing equipment and advice including wheelchairs/seating and assistive technology
  • Supporting discharge planning and completing risk assessments to maintain safety and if required recommending environmental aids or adaptations so the patient can be discharged home safely


  • Referrals can be made as required by ward staff
Keeping Me Well - Cardiff and Vale University Hospital

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