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Occupational Therapy in Vascular Surgery

The Vascular Unit, in the University Hospital of Wales, looks after people with conditions that affect blood vessels or circulation. 

Ward B2 is the main vascular surgical ward. Surgery includes procedures to maintain healthy blood circulation, as well as amputation, most commonly of the lower limbs (legs).

Patients are referred to the Vascular Unit through A & E, GP referrals or another speciality within the hospital. If you have had a limb amputation you will automatically be referred to the Occupational Therapy team. Other types of surgery and conditions will be referred to Occupational Therapy if needed.

The Occupational Therapist can assess your activities of daily living, such as washing and dressing and preparing food. We will also ask about support you have from family and friends. Our aim is to identify if you will need support when you are discharged back home.

We may practice activities with you while you are in the unit, and if needed put in support for when you get home. This may include providing you with equipment to make things easier or referring you onto Social Services for care needs. We may also assess your home to see if it is suitable. For example, if you are now using a wheelchair, we will look to see if there is enough space. We then refer to Social Services, who will do their own assessment and undertake any adaptations needed. Social Services will only be able to assess once you are discharged from hospital.

If you have had a lower limb amputation, we will provide you with a wheelchair.

We work closely with other professions during your hospital stay. These include physiotherapy, dieticians and if needed, psychology. If you have had a lower limb amputation you may also be seen by the Artificial Limb and Appliance Centre, who will discuss the option of having a replacement limb (prosthesis).

Keeping Me Well - Cardiff and Vale University Hospital

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