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Pelvic Health Physiotherapy FAQs

Pelvic Health Physiotherapy can offer you a range of patient leaflets

  • List of medication
  • Urine sample if previously requested
  • Loose comfortable clothing if you are expecting to do any exercise
  • Maternity notes if requested

As both sites are teaching hospitals you may be seen by a student Physiotherapist, closely supervised by a qualified Physiotherapist.

You have the right to request a student is not involved in your assessment or treatment.

This will vary depending on the nature of your problem and the type of assessment or treatment you will be offered – you should hear from the department within a month.

Please contact the department for more information.

The antenatal exercise involves exercises in standing and on mats on the floor.

If you are unable to walk unassisted or get up and down from the floor, please speak to your Physiotherapist.

There are currently no men working within the Women’s Health Physiotherapy team but this may change, and therefore if you have strong feelings regarding this, please speak to your Physiotherapist.

This will vary greatly depending on the nature of your problem, how long you have had symptoms, how you respond to treatment, your goals, etc and will be decided on between you and your Physiotherapist.

This again is very individual and depends on the nature of your problem.

You are welcome to bring a chaperone to any of your assessment or treatment sessions.

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