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Elderly Care Assessment Service and Day Hospital

Elderly Care Assessment Service

The Elderly Care Assessment Service (ECAS) in Cardiff and Vale University Health Board provides early support for people who are at risk because of declining health.  Early support can enable people to remain at home rather than be admitted to hospital.

ECAS provides multi-disciplinary assessments (meaning it can involve doctors, nursing staff, occupational therapists and physiotherapists) to older people living in the community. The older person is often referred by their GP.  

Looking at helping to enable people to live safely at home, the occupational therapist in the team will assesses:

  • the person’s abilities
  • home situation
  • support network and
  • tasks that are important to them in every-day life. 
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Assessments may include washing, dressing, cooking, access to their property/rooms, safety and current understanding. 

The occupational therapist or technician will often visit the person at home to understand their situation better. They can demonstrate techniques to aid with independence , give advice, provide equipment or refer to other services within Cardiff and the Vale, with the longer term aim of improving their independence.

For referral to ECAS please contact your GP.

Day Hospital

Day Hospital is a rehabilitation day hospital for patients with a wide range of conditions. The focus is rehabilitation, recovery and prevention of hospital admission.

Day Hospital is run by a team, which includes doctors, nursing staff, occupational therapists and physiotherapists. We help you to manage your condition from diagnosis through progression of illness, with regular reviews when needed.

Occupational therapists work with individuals to address issues which are impacting on their lifestyle. These include reducing fall risks, addressing anxiety, developing memory strategies, sleep hygiene and fatigue management.

What can I do to help manage my condition?

Below are a range of common difficulties for our patients and ways to manage these. Click on the ones which apply to you:

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