Occupational Therapy in Trauma and Elective Orthopaedics

The trauma and elective orthopaedic Occupational Therapy team are based at University Hospital Llandough. We are an integral part of the service provided to patients who are undergoing orthopaedic surgery. We specialise in the treatment of patients who are admitted to hospital due to a traumatic accident, and patients undergoing planned surgery.

Occupational Therapy input for people undergoing elective orthopaedic surgery can take place in the hospital during your admission or pre-operatively via telephone or video consultation. Assessment and intervention for trauma patients who have sustained fractures will take place in the hospital environment.

The Trauma Occupational Therapy team

The Trauma Occupational Therapy team are based at two sites: 

  • University Hospital Wales in Cardiff
  • University Hospital Llandough

When you have had an operation following an injury – such as a hip, knee or ankle fracture – the Occupational Therapist will meet you on the ward. 

They will: 

  • find out how you were managing at home with everyday tasks before coming into hospital
  • talk about how this may have changed after your surgery
  • help plan for your return home

The Elective Occupational Therapy team

The Elective Occupational Therapy team are based at University Hospital Llandough. 

Occupational Therapy for elective surgery – such as hip or knee replacements, or foot or ankle surgery – starts before your planned operation. 

You may be contacted by phone before your operation by a member of the team. 

They will:

  • find out how you are currently managing at home
  • how this may change after you have had your surgery
When you have had your surgery the Occupational Therapist on the ward may help plan for your return home. 

Useful resources

The links below are useful for you as you prepare for your planned surgery or recover: 

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The following pages have more information about joint pain and pain management: 

Your mental, physical and emotional wellbeing all has an impact on how well you recover from trauma or elective surgery. Here are some resources which may help your overall wellbeing.

Videos that may help before you come into hospital

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What to expect in hospital: admission and surgery

Play Video about Patient talking to a consultant

Recovery after your hip replacement

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Exercises to do prior to your surgery

Information that may prove helpful before and after your operation


Contact / referral details

You will be referred to the team via your GP or consultant. 

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