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Mindset matters

This is the third session of the Prepare Well Orthopaedics programme. 

In this session, we talk about how your mindset affects many aspects of your life and your wellbeing, and how to develop a good mental attitude.

Why does your mindset matter?

Mental preparation is as important as physical preparation. Just like strengthening muscles to get stronger and fitter, we need to exercise and prepare our minds to become more resilient. It is a way of getting our mind ready to cope with potential stresses ahead.  

In the Mindset Matters session, we discuss how you can use box breathing to help you relax. We will also point you to apps for sleep tracking, meditation and breathing techniques that you can explore and use in your own time.  

More information about mindfulness and mental wellbeing can be found here, including useful links and relaxation techniques.

Join us for the Prepare Well Orthopaedics Programme to discuss this content further and how mindset matters.

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Mobile: 07971 980 219   

Keeping Me Well - Cardiff and Vale University Hospital

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