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Prepare Well for knee replacement surgery

Find out how we can help you look after yourself and keep healthy before your surgery.

A six week prehabilitation programme to help people prepare for surgery

When people are fitter and better prepared, they recover faster after their surgery and feel better. It can also help to reduce complications. We can support you in several ways in order to prepare you both mentally and physically for surgery.

The Prepare Well Orthopaedic programme is a weekly session over six weeks to help people look after their joints and prepare their bodies and minds before surgery.  Each week of the programme includes useful information and an activity-based exercise. The sessions are delivered in groups at local leisure centres by the Prepare Well team for Cardiff and Vale University Health Board.  

If you’ve had your pre-admission appointment and haven’t received information about the Prepare Well programme, please contact us on 07971 980 219 or email

Prepare Well Orthopaedics sessions

Eating well

What is healthy eating and how can you make changes

Mindset matters

Relaxation, sleep and mindfulness

Healthy living

Raising awareness of alcohol, smoking and lifestyle choices

Living with your new joint

How to get the most out of your new joint replacement

Tell me more

A talk from someone who has had a knee replacement and chance to ask questions

As part of your preparation for surgery, you will attend a patient information session based in University Hospital Llandough. This is different to any other prehabilitation sessions you may have done and your consultant strongly recommends you attend this education session to improve the success of your surgery.   

The patient education class is a comprehensive session to inform you about your journey. It will help you to understand how to participate in your care; before, during, and after your surgery.  The session will provide you with encouragement and motivation to take charge of your recovery and rehabilitation.   

Your surgery is planned, so you need to consider what support you will need after your operation.

Your planning may include asking friends and family to help with things around the house, such as shopping, cleaning and preparing meals for you. Try and prepare your house before you come in. 

Things to consider: 

  • Remove rugs that might make walking around the house difficult or that might be a trip hazard. 
  • Stock the freezer with pre-prepared meals that are easy to cook. 
  • Position commonly used items within easy reach, for example cups near the kettle and objects in accessible places for example on waist height worktops or lower shelves. 
  • Make the beds and clean the house before coming in for your operation, leaving plenty of room for moving about. 
  • Discuss with your family or friends if they can help you at home and arrange who will pick you up from hospital. 
  • If you are a carer for others, think about arrangements that will help with those responsibilities.
  • If you own a pet, consider who can look after that pet whilst you are in hospital and for a short while afterwards. 

The actual surgery is a small part of your recovery- the hard work is down to you! 

Be prepared and read the information on this site and any information your surgeon or physiotherapist has directed you to. This will help you know what to expect and benefit your recovery. 

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Mobile: 07971 980 219   

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