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What happens after you leave hospital following knee replacement surgery?

You will be given the ward’s contact number when you leave hospital. If you have any questions, concerns or problems please don’t hesitate to ring the ward. The physios, nurses and occupational therapists can advise you what to do. The contact number for the ward therapy staff is 02921 825807.


It is important to keep doing your exercises and gradually build up the amount of walking you do during the day. When you feel ready, start using one crutch instead of two. We would recommend to use the crutch on the opposite side to your operated leg. This ensures you are more balanced.

There is more information about using walking aids here as well as guidance on how to go up and down stairs here.

Returning aids and equipment 

If you were given equipment (for example toilet raises, elbow crutches) after your operation and you are no longer using it, please arrange to have it returned so that we are able to re-use it.

Follow up appointments

Keep attending your follow up appointments until you and the rehab team are confident you can move on to ‘next steps’.

Your rehab team will talk to you about ‘next steps’ and how you can keep getting the most out of your new knee replacement. Options include on-going participation in leisure centre classes, virtual group and support group.

Contact details

Mobile: 07971 980 219   

Keeping Me Well - Cardiff and Vale University Hospital

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