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Returned equipment

The Cardiff and vale UHB is working hard to reduce waste and work towards a clean, Green Sustainable future for our area. Therefore we are trying to drive equipment returns so that we can refurbish walking aids to be reissued, this process will reduce our waste creating a more environmentally friendly process of dealing with unused/unwanted walking aid equipment and saving the NHS money along the way.

Please could all walking aids issued out to patients be returned to their local Physiotherapy Department wherever possible.

Items we will accept back:

  • Walking sticks (metal ones only)
  • Walking frames
  • Crutches
  • 3 & 4 wheeled walkers

Please could patients only return equipment in good condition that may be reused,
we will not accept broken, dirty equipment back into our Physiotherapy departments thank you.

Items we will not accept back (one patient use):

  • Spinal braces
  • Neck collars
  • Knee braces
  • Foot/ankle braces or boots

Equipment cleaning advice

This is where you can help us…..where possible could patients give the equipment they are returning a quick clean with any detergent/wipes especially the handle areas, this will help reduce risk of infection for our staff.


If you have been tested positive for the Covid 19 and you want to return equipment that you have received from the hospital, please could you hang onto it for 2 weeks after symptoms have passed as we are trying our best to stop the spread of the virus

Thanks for you co-operation – from The Walking aids team

Contact 01443 661759 for any concerns relating to returning equipment.

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