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Physiotherapy and Parkinson’s

Physiotherapy assessment and support is available in Physiotherapy Neurology Outpatients. You can be referred by your GP or Specialist, or self-refer. You must have a neurological diagnosis to access this service.

Exercise is a key component for managing Parkinson’s and we offer advice and support for tailoring this for you, which is important even if your symptoms are very mild. One of the services we deliver is an early intervention Parkinson’s class.

When using exercise resources you have found online we recommend: 

  • Always watch or read the resource fully before using. You should consider whether you feel the resource meets your needs and whether you are confident that it is within your capabilities. If you do not feel it is, then you should try something that you do feel confident with. 
  • If you are following a class for the first time we would recommend building up to the full class gradually. You should pause the video and take rests when you need to.  
  • Ensure that your environment is clear of obstacles and that you have enough space to exercise safely.  
  • Arrange a stable surface for extra support if you think you might need one. It is important to always wear comfortable, supportive shoes when exercising.  
  • It is normal to feel some muscle stiffness the following day if you have done more activity than you are used to, this will reduce the more you exercise. If, however, you experience pain, dizziness or severe shortness of breath whilst exercising, you should stop. 

Contact details

  • Gerontology Parkinson’s Nurse Specialists: 02920 313838 
  • Neurology Parkinson’s Nurse Specialist: 02920 743684
  • Adult Speech and Language Therapy Department: 02920743012
  • Physiotherapy Neurology Outpatients: 02921835321 
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