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If you were admitted to hospital with COVID-19, you may have had a tracheostomy tube inserted.

A tracheostomy tube is a small tube that is inserted into the neck that sits inside the windpipe, providing more direct access to the lungs. It is inserted to help you breathe by allowing a direct route to the lungs, enable suctioning to help remove secretions (phlegm) from the lungs, and stop saliva going into the airway. 

Having a tracheostomy impacts patients’ ability to both speak and swallow.

Read further information about the impact that your tracheostomy may be having, the support that you will receive from the Speech and Language Therapy team, and the stages of a tracheostomy being removed

Read here for information about the EMST150 Swallowing and Voice Rehabilitation Device.

Keeping Me Well - Cardiff and Vale University Hospital

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