Medical physiotherapy

Medical physiotherapy covers a wide range of services across all hospital sites in the
Cardiff and Vale University Health Board. They work with patients with a wide range of illnesses and conditions in A&E, on a variety of in-patient wards and haematology.

The physiotherapists work as part of a multi-disciplinary team, with an aim to assess, rehabilitate and support patients to a level of function so that they are able to return home.

Patients can help themselves with their recovery by following some of the advice and useful links on this page.

Recovering in hospital:

  • Being active in hospital and getting up and dressed when you are able will speed up your recovery and can make your stay in hospital shorter.
  • Eating a healthy diet will help with healing and aid your recovery.
  • Reducing or ideally stopping smoking can have a huge effect on healing and recovery.

Recovering at home:

  • Continuing to stay active and lead a healthy lifestyle when you are at home will help to keep you well and can also have a positive impact on how you feel.

The links below contain some useful information on additional support and equipment hire in the community for patients who have been discharged from hospital:

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