The Graded Repetitive Arm
Supplementary Programme (GRASP)

The Graded Repetitive Arm Supplementary Programme (GRASP) is a self-directed arm and hand exercise program which can be completed independently at home. GRASP has been shown to improve arm and hand function and strength after stroke.

The programme can be completed for one hour of daily GRASP exercise and it is encouraged that the stroke-affected arm and hand is used as much as possible.

  • Increase the potential for recovery of the hand and arm through challenging repetitions of practice and encouraging use of the stroke-affected hand in everyday activities
  • Prevents the “learned non-use” syndrome often found after stroke
  • Engage the client and family in the therapy process and place an expectation of active participation on the patient
  • Household items can be used to complete the exercises.

GRASP Overview

Virtual GRASP Intro

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