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Lacing Techniques

Different foot conditions can make wearing shoes uncomfortable. Using certain lacing techniques can relieve this discomfort. 

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High Arches, lumps and bumps

If you experience any pain on the top of your foot or have a lump or bump that is painful from the pressure of your shoe, this lacing technique may help you.
  • Start at the bottom and lace normally with a criss-cross.
  • Thread the laces through the side at the point at which you experience pressure or where the lump or bump may be.
  • Continue to lace the shoe normally and fasten at the top.

Shoes feel too tight

If your shoes feel too tight use bar lacing to evenly distribute the lacing and improve the comfort.
  • Lace the shoelaces in a parallel fashion, starting from the bottom.
  • Lace by threading underneath through alternate eyelets.
  • Fasten as you would normally at the top.

Heels Slipping

This lacing technique may help if you experience any slipping of the shoe at the heel.  This maybe because of using insoles or having a narrow heel.
  • Starting from the bottom lace the shoes as normal until the second from last hole.
  • Then lace straight into the top eyelet.
  • Cross the lace as normal and tread through the loop on the other side.
  • Fasten the shoe as you normally would.

Toe Pain or Black Toenails

If you experience pain or repetitive blackened toe nails this lacing technique may help.
  • Start at the bottom and lace from the big toe to the top eyelet on the opposite side.
  • Thread the other side diagonally and then parallel through the eyelets.
  • Repeat all the way up the shoe and fasten as normal at the top.

Wide Forefoot

If your shoes feel a little too tight or you are suffering from forefoot pain this lacing technique may be beneficial.
  • Start at the bottom and lace initially through the side eyelets.
  • From the midfoot onwards you can start with criss cross lacing.
  • Fasten at the top as normal.
  • You can also avoid the bottom eyelets and start lacing from higher up the shoe.
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