Heel Pain

Suitable footwearA well-fitting shoe with a robust sole, laces or a strap fastening will give your feet the best support. If your shoe is too flexible then you will not be getting the stability and protection your foot needs. Click here for more detailed guidance on suitable footwear. 

Orthoses (insoles) only work well in a stable, supportive shoe.

Gradually wear in your insoles over a period of time. Start off with one hour on the first day and increase by an additional hour each day until worn all day.  Check your feet after use for signs of rubbing. 

Initial aching is normal as your muscles adapt to the insoles, this should gradually subside with further use. 

If you experience redness, blistering or new or increased pain remove the insoles. 

Do not continue to use insoles if your symptoms worsen. 

Strap terfynol dros yr un olaf yng ngham 4Strapping or taping is a short-term treatment to relieve pain in the foot and ankle when walking.  The technique of Low-Dye strapping is designed to relieve heel pain. Click here for step by step instructions on Low-Dye strapping. 

Holding toes with one hand and ankle with another, pulling toes back towards selfPlantar Fascia stretch

  • Whilst seated bring your affected foot up on to your opposite thigh.
  • With your hand pull the ankle and toes towards the knee.
  • Hold for 30 seconds
  • Repeat three times.

foot step on massage ball to relieve Plantar fasciitis or heel pain. woman with red pedicure massaging trigger points on her foot.Dynamic Stretch

  • Use a ball or cold bottle of water that has been kept in the fridge.
  • Place on the floor and roll the arch of your foot over the ball.
  • Continue for at least 2 minutes. Repeat twice a day.

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