Osteoarthritis of the Foot

Osteoarthritis is a long-term condition that cannot be cured, but it doesn’t necessarily get any worse over time and sometimes your symptoms can gradually improve. 

How to help your Osteoarthritis of the Foot

We recommend a number of treatments to help reduce your symptoms:

If your symptoms are more severe, you may need additional treatments or surgery. Surgery for Osteoarthritis is only needed in a small number of cases where other treatments haven’t been effective or where one of your joints is severely damaged.

Supportive shoes are one of the most important things to help support your foot joints – ensure your shoes have a robust sole and secure top fastening.

Orthotics (insoles) can help to reduce the strain on your joints during your everyday activities.

Always build up the use of insoles gradually over a week and stop use if you have any new pain.

Do not continue to use insoles if your symptoms worsen. 

The following insoles may benefit your condition, however we do not endorse any brand or website: 

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