Self Referral

Call your GP surgery and the reception team can book an appointment with the Physio without the need to see your GP first. We have Musculoskeletal specialist Physiotherapists working in your local area.

These appointments are suitable if you have a new  problem that you want to discuss and get assessed. They can provide you with some advice and exercise or a brief intervention to help you to manage your problem early.

Due to Covid 19, these are virtual appointments over the telephone or via video in the majority of cases.

Drop in to your local Physiotherapy Department on Monday to Friday between 0800 and 1230, (Currently Closed) where we will see you as soon as we can. You will be seen on a first come, first seen basis and so we will be able to advise you on the expected waiting time, or if the clinic is already full when you arrive.

To self-refer you can either complete the online form (see below) or telephone the physiotherapy department. If you speak directly to one of our admin team they will need to take some details off you and then book you in the next available telephone consultation appointment with one of our MSK physiotherapists. These virtual clinics are run daily Monday to Friday with a variety of appointments available. If you email the form you will be contacted either by letter, text message or telephone call as soon as possible to book you a virtual consultation.

Your Self Referral Options

We have received your referral and now we want to get you involved in getting you the right care in a timely manner. We’d like to start with a quick chat on the phone.

WHY? We have brief information from your referral, however we want to to confirm these details, understand your perspectives and complete a few simple measures. We will be able to identify the right service for you and arrange an appointment of a duration and location that will meet your needs.

HOW? We will call you to arrange within 10 working days of receiving your information, if you have not heard from us within 10 days, information may have been delayed in transit, so please give us a call –
02920 335717

Things to consider before your conversation

Click here to view the Making Choices Together Leaflet

We have agreed with you a time and date and location for your appointment.

Some simple preparation for this appointment will help us focus on your problems and ensure that we hear any of your concerns as quickly as possible.


It helps to consider what it is that you want to get out of the consultation, what your priorities are.
We call this, “what matters to you”?

This is different for everyone…For instance it might be about one, some or none of these; relieving pain or stiffness, answering questions you have, reassurance about worries or concerns, returning to a previous activity, managing work, finding ways to cope with a condition that cannot be cured, changing a lifestyle that is now causing you problems, getting back to socialising with friends and family…the list is very long so consider “what matters to you”?

This is a really useful tool to help you ASK three

Dress ready to be examined

Wear clothing that will allow you to be comfortable and allow us to see the area of your body that is troubling you.
For instance bring shorts.

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